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Self Storage Solutions for Adelaide's western Suburbs

Self Storage Solutions & Tips

Storing Furniture

Empty the contents of drawers and cupboards to protect the structure of these items. Where possible, disassemble furniture to save space in your storage unit.

Storing Appliances

All white goods should be cleaned and dry prior to storing. While in storage, the door of fridges and freezers should be left slightly open with a deodoriser left inside for freshness.

Storing Electrical Equipment

Wrapping items such as televisions, DVD players and stereo systems in bubble-wrap and packing them in cartons will offer good protection.

Glassware and Dinner Sets

Wrap items individually in paper and pack carefully in cartons. Fill any gaps in the cartons with paper to prevent items from moving. This will keep your ‘fragile’ items well protected while in transit. Make sure to label cartons "fragile".

Battery Operated Equipment

We recommend that batteries be removed prior to storage to avoid possible damage from leakage.

Lawn Mowers & Machinery

Make sure that you drain fuel and oil from all items of machinery to reduce the risk of leakage. Petrol and oil left in machinery can also be a fire hazard.


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